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Do you want to contribute to an existing product page or do you want to create a new product page for review? Then follow our starter guide which will help you to make a positive impact in our world, where you will be remembered for your contributions...
<h3> Contribute to a page </h3>1. Read our '[ Create a Contribute_to_page Contribute to page]' to understand how to contribute to existing products that may already exist on our network. 2. Edit the 'Create a page', then copy the text between 'contribute to a page - copy start' to 'contribute to a page - copy end' to the page you want to contribute to in the appropriate section of the existing page and populate it based on your contributions. 3. Thank you for contributing to our world.
<h3> Create a new page </h3>
1. Want to add a new product for improvement to our index? Okay great! First of all, you must read our '[ Create a page]', to understand how to use our template and how it will look.
2. In a new tab on our website, enter the search box and type "How to design the..." followed by your product suggestion, for e.g. "How to design the toothbrush", then enter search. On the following page, click "Create the page "How to design..." on this wiki! to initiate the page creation and keep this tab open. 3. Refer back to and edit the 'Create a page', then copy the text between 'create a new page - copy start' to 'create a new page - copy end' to the page you created and populate it based on your research & contributions. 4. Once you've made your page and have updated it according to our guidelines, we will then review your content and ensure it is kept up to the best standard, allowing other people on the network to contribute to it, as technology, science and the times change, in the years to come. 5. Thank you for contributing to our world. Note: If ! We can't do this without you create a page relating to a product that already exists on our network, it will more than likely be deleted, therefore it is important to check if the product exists; if the product exists, you can at least learn how to contribute instead (detailed above) !