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Block building is a method of designing and developing in a block fashion, where products are designed to be dissembled to its basics by the typical consumer, where they can buy spare parts to fix a broken block or to customise a particular block.

The world is wasting more than ever and although most products can be fixed, there are a lot of products which are just simply chucked away, from mobile phones to speakers. Manufacturers today, should have an obligation in how they design their products, do proper breaking tests on them, discover all vulnerabilities or weaknesses and prepare for consumers to be able to buy blocks (parts) to fix their product properly, whatever product they are selling. In some cases, products such as clothes will be harder to make much more durable, however they should be designed better to recycle.

Not only should products be designed to this standard, but manufacturers should also play a bigger role in how the products should be recycled. You can read more about better recycling practices here.

Directive for manufacturers

Designing practices


Block building infrastructure