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Learn how to create a page relating to a product you would like to document for review.


How to design the example page
How to design the toothbrush

Get Started...

Step 1: Check availability

First of all, we need to check if the page does not already exist, therefore you must search the product name to see if a page already exists on our network. If it does not, then great, follow the next step. Try to use precise terminology, in reference to an existing Wikipedia page, for e.g. if keyboard, what type of keyboard, a computer keyboard or musical keyboard, as keyboard may well be too ambiguous. If the page exists, then learn more about how to contribute to a page.

Step 2: Create the page

First of all, copy this code "?action=edit&section=new&preload=Template:CreatePage". Then in the address bar, type the following " page name here" then paste the copied code at the end of it, for e.g. " to design the car?action=edit&section=new&preload=Template:CreatePage" and go to the link, upon arrival, you may start editing the page and remember to save it when you've added some basic content to it. To go back into editor mode after saving, go to the link and add the following code at the end of it "#/editor/0" for e.g. " to design the car#/editor/0" and you may continue editing it.


Note 1: Before submitting/saving the page, remember to copy the entire editor box, in case of data loss by connection or server.

Note 2: You may spend 2 weeks creating your page, before other authors can contribute, so please be mindful of this and remember to add the date when you make the page, so other authors know when they can contribute.

That's all there is to creating your first page. Once you've made your page and have updated it according to our guidelines, we will then review your content and ensure it is kept up to the best standard, allowing other people on the network to contribute to it, as technology, science and the times change, in the years to come. Thank you for contributing to our world.

Useful Links

Refer to the MediaWiki guide to embed links, tables, etc.
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