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<h2> [ Recycle Now (Learn how to recycle - UK)] </h2>
<h2> [ Recycle Nation (Learn how to recycle - US)] </h2>
<h1> Release notes </h1>
<h2> Founder's message </h2>
25th April 2019
Our founder's messages as posted on facebook recently: ||1 "The internet is a fantastic source for learning how to do things and it is only really being recognised by the masses, whether you use a search engine or whether you use WikiHow, there is tons of information out there, which I've always known about since a young age.
More recently, I've decided to setup a Wiki via, where people can create pages, contribute and engage in topics, which can help the world more specifically design better, to help improve and spur on the developments of a more strategic, greener and environmental friendly world. It will be where people can suggest ideas in how things can be improved from a design perspective, which can be reviewed by the community, as I understand the world currently designs things to only last so long. Furthermore, it will not just suggest how things can be designed better, but it will also encourage people to learn how to recycle better or restore their objects.
I don't plan to spend much time on it, but any time I do spend on it, will be productive and with the intentions on bringing the community together, to create, engage and add to the wiki pages. I will be setting a template standard for the pages for people to follow, so it is very orderly and people can contribute accordingly, allowing them to have a positive impact in our world.
The world is constantly changing by design, for many reasons; now it's time to design for things to last much longer, not to be chucked away in the bin, which usually ends up in landfill, in most scenarios. A community, powered by the people, teaching the manufacturers to follow better practices, where they can feel meaningful and play a role in society and be remembered for their input, regardless of patents, investors or challenges. It's a simple low maintenance not for profit project, which will open up the way we look at design, once and for all.
Join us today in our journey at and help us shape our world for the better."
|| 2 "They say everything has been done, but nothing is ever done and the world we live in, everything is continously changing, improving and adapting to meet our world's needs.
It is a phrase, which can affect one's mind at looking at design or processes, when in reality, we need to continue in interrogating existing design and processes, to ensure, as a world, we move in the right direction for humanity and nature.
It will only ever be done, when all design is recyclable and developed with 100% efficiency in mind, when everyone on earth is living and following the best processes available to them, when political and financial motives are put behind us, when the world is in full acceptance of one anothers cultures, where there is a sense of human culture at the heart of every religion and it is when everyone can behave like humans and say, I can live in this world, i can live with everyone, i can live with these design practices, i know I can hand this world on to our children, who will cherish and protect the progression we made for us and them.
And even after we have done the basics and feel like everything is done, we should always remember that nothing is ever done, we must continue to progress, to innovate and to be creative in the life we can live, in line with our world's morals and values, to make sure we always go in the best direction, that each and every single one of us deserves.
There has never been a time like this in our history and we should unite in what we know today, to design and build in the best ways possible. One day, life will no longer be about money, it will be about a better working life and with progression at the forefront, for all of us, and if you want something, there will be a universal world currency, for you to work for it, which we now know is such a healthy thing to do, given a better working environment and hours; hence with the tougher the job or sacrifice, then the bigger the reward or token, respective to gender or faith, that way you can continue to embrace variety and uniqueness in our beautiful home, earth.
We the people, invented design, we invented practices and we invented work, through our creator's means, therefore we will continue to work and make opportunities regardless of how well we design our future."
Thanks for reading, Mr Amritpal Claire (Sunny), founder of
Source: * [ Founders message on facebook]