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Usually people see problems when they happen and most of the time common sense is the driver of how people see how problems can be fixed, which is empowered by intelligence and reason. We all have the capabilities to improve the products we experience and we should all have the ability to play a role in how we think products should be improved, as we ultimately become the consumer of them. When you realise you can contribute and be remembered for your suggestion, your suggestion can out live you if good enough and help mankind for many centuries to come. Do you want to contribute is the question!
Profit is not the intention, better design is the focus, where patents or investors are no boundaries. If you plan to profit, then you can research about existing patents and apply for your own patents. All ideas here at are open source and you contributors give your their ideas & suggestions for free with the intention of helping improve the products. Anyone can use ideas found at, considering they follow intellectual property laws and we welcome manufacturers to benefit from all of the suggestions at