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<br>▶ Deplete by a new invention
The more you can improve the lifespan, features, restoration and recyclable options of the a product, it ensures your suggestions are that product has a future proof for the future of , to meet our worldneeds. For some products, which include burning or cultural elements, these may exist forever, therefore we need to continue improving these types of products, to ensure the world can sustain them, heading towards a more greener world, designed for the masses, designed for every single one of us, designed for the prosperity of our world.
Usually people see problems when they happen and most of the time common sense is the driver of how people see how problems can be fixed, which is empowered by intelligence and reason. We all have the capabilities to improve the products we experience and we should all have the ability to play a role in how we think products should be improved, as we ultimately become the consumer of them. When you realise you can contribute and be remembered for your suggestion, your suggestion can out live you if good enough and help mankind for many centuries to come. Do you want to contribute is the question!