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How to design the flight recorder

Description of product

The flight recorder allows for core events of a flight to be captured in a black box type device, which can be used when information is hard to come by, so investigators can better understand the events of a particular flight. It is designed to withstand many factors.

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Contribution Date

6th May 2019

Product lifespan

The lifespan of a flight recorder...

Problems identified

Problem 1

In serious hot temperatures, the flight recorder box can be destroyed

Problem 2

The flight recorder does not relay information after core events

Problem 3

It can be difficult to find at times

Aim & solutions

Suggestion 1


Suggestion 2


Suggestion 3


Cleaning & restoration

Cleaning method 1


Cleaning method 2


Restoration method 1


Recyclable options

Recyclable option 1


Recyclable option 2


Recyclable option 3


Sources & examples


Action taken/influence