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How to design the computer keyboard

Description of product

The computer keyboard is a tool used to help one type on electronic type systems. Astonishingly, they have existed since the 1870's and have changed dramatically over the years.

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Author 1: Mr A Claire


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Contribution Date

28th April 2019

Product lifespan

Dependent on your usage and cleaning methods, a keyboard could last your entire life, however a keyboard may last typically 50 million key strokes according to an article on[1].

Problems identified

Problem 1

Gaps inbetween the keys on most keyboards, allow for dust and hairs to fuse to the circuit board, which is apparent, when you take a keyboard apart in a laptop or desktop.

Problem 2

The keyboard has had this old fashioned design for so long, because people imply that they like the key down feeling. This is an issue, in why the keyboard design has remained as it has for so long.

Aim & solutions

Suggestion 1

In reference to problem 1, just like in the first edition of the Microsoft Surface One, it came with a keyboard to combat this problem, therefore, manufacturers need to embrace this style of keyboard, so there are no gaps for dust or hairs to accumulate.

Suggestion 2

In line with problem 2, to incorporate the key down feeling, in line with suggestion 1.

Cleaning & restoration

Cleaning method 1

With the existing keyboards today, you can only clean them so far and there is also the option of taking off all of the keys and then using a toothbrush to remove as much dirt as you can, however where fusion has happened on the board, you will not be able to treat those areas, usually on laptops, where heat emission is higher.

Cleaning method 2

Upon the arrival of this new design suggested above, it can be cleaned using various household products, which will ensure it is 100% clean and lasts longer.

Recyclable options

Recyclable option 1


Recyclable option 2


Recyclable option 3


Sources & examples

[1]The mechanical vs membrane keyboard debate

Action taken/influence