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<h2>Step 3: Copy the code</h2>
<h3>Method 1</h3>Copy the following code between your slot, which you may continue editing it over the next 7 days, as it will allow other authors interested in writing on the same page, to give you timeto put your information in there, so they can then write after your 7 day period from the contribution date you add. (remember to copy/save any code before submitting to avoid data loss locally)
<h3>Notes</h3>Note 1: It is important to write your code or edits into your notepad and save it on your computer, to prevent data loss if multiple people are editing the page, versus . If only editing it in page and you will be given 7 days to update it, therefore you may want then remember to do a write up copy the entire text box before initiating a contribution, to give yourself additional submission each time.
Note 2: If an author has suggested an idea already, try not to copy the same idea, but you may provide an adjustment to the suggestion.
Note 3: Once you have completed your entry, then you can remove the #In Progress tag written above your H1 Author Name tag.<h3>The code</h3>